Crossed two mountains this morning, in a deep green Ford Everest and a real cool driver named Andy. The Partas bus let me off at the Oasis Hotel, where as pre-arranged, I was to be met and taken two mountains into Amilongan, Ilocos Sur.

So here I sit, waiting for the Power Plant Project Manager whose laptop we screwed up, to make it right again. He should be up in an hour. In the meantime here are a few quick shots, taken with a P910i on a bumpy but very interesting road into the mountains.

This post is courtesy of a powerful wireless voice and data network that we provided this plant with. Long live Wireless Communications.

Mountain Biking

Hanging Bridge

Bakun River Tributary

The Short Bridge

Minor Contstruction

Ain’t no mountain high enough

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3 thoughts on “Ain’t no mountain high enough

  1. Bambit, I wonder why the bus left you…maybe you overslept…i wonder why…maybe you were still up late…texting…. =)

  2. atty. fred, uhm, i didn’t get left behind, the bus dropped me off (there, maybe that’s more readable) at the Oasis Hotel, where I wanted to have coffee muna sana, but the power plant (not Rockwell) driver Andy was waiting for me already. Yep, he was there 15 minutes before I stepped off the bus, so no coffee at the Oasis as I’d planned, but plenty of coffee at the plant site, and soft drinks (bawal!) and food, and my greatest discovery: Boy Bawang in a giant bag which I bought at the Partas station prior to leaving 🙂

    Fell asleep all throughout pangasinan and most of tarlac, but stayed awake upon entering La Union. I didn’t want to miss my stop, mahirap na, with something like 20 lbs on my back (lafftaff, external HD for backup, case of installer CDs, baon) I looked like a ninja turtle.

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