Riser KageriSick for a week I was, rubella and all, and three days after I got it, my little girl Maia got it too. But all that’s over now, with Maia hardly even breaking out into a full-blown fever with the measles. She wore her rash like robot armor, side-kicking like Riser Kageri.

Her mom on the other hand, couldn’t imagine a whole week without working, and so had her PC brought to the house, when it hadn’t been two weeks yet since Milenyo when we were all working at home because the office roof flew off. Yep, worked at home again (sayang din ang sick leave) and the good/bad thing about working at home is you:

    1. don’t have to dress up
    2. don’t have to go to the nearby mall to have lunch (magastos!)
    3. don’t have to bear with the oily tapsilog at the nearby jollijeep
    4. don’t have to sit in the bus for more than 30 minutes wishing the person beside you would stop singing along with his iPod and instead sing along with the driver’s choice of music.
    5. can take long naps.
    6. can work late without worrying about how to get a cab.
    7. can work late because you took a long nap.
and the beat goes on

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One thought on “and the beat goes on

  1. why the heck is your page in spanish? what’s with that? are you planning to torture your beloved readers? make us weep in regret that we didn’t pay much attention to those spanish classes in college?


    anyway, i just want to let you know that if i were given a choice, i would rather work at home, for life!

    i miss you. sorry that i can’t keep in touch regularly. but hey, whenever i watch csi in the mornings in my tvu, i think about you and i think that is the coolest thing that ever happened to having a great computer wizzard like you for a blog friend. ha!

    lastly, why am i not in your roll call of companeros? por que? por que? por que?

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