It was early last year when Sam and I switched from blogger to WordPress. Shortly after migrating I wrote a few posts documenting the move. That post still enjoys quite a few hits, I suppose with the growing frustration with blogger and its chronic inaccessibility problems.

I reread the post recently and realized that it was so out of date, that I have decided to update it to reflect recent changes to the WordPress blogging software. In short, it has become easier to import blogger into WordPress than it was a year ago, with the new WP2.0+ versions.

Find out how, here.

Blogger to WordPress Update

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3 thoughts on “Blogger to WordPress Update

  1. ralph, anytime you’re ready to make the move, let me know because if you need me to be around for it, i will be … ang dami ko nang utang sayoooooooo 🙂

  2. ate!

    as of the moment, i’m downloading wp to my pc.

    i’m using this entry to help me along. I’ll email you should i run into some tangles.

    labs labs!

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