Last Saturday Sam and I took a leisurely stroll down Baywalk (so jologs yah, but I’ve never been there—yes, I’ve never been there before last Saturday). We sat for a while waiting for the sunset, during which I looked at the nearby tatoo stand and seriously considered getting one myself, what the heck it’s temporary, in preparation perhaps for the real thing (!) but finally decided against it. Didn’t keep me from enjoying watching someone else getting one though.

Tatoo Stand

Tatoo Artist

The Atienza boy band passed by while we were drinking ice coffee.

Marching Band in Flowered Shirts

And when the sun finally set, it was, as Manila Bay sunsets are, fantastic.

Manila Bay Sunset

We walked the length of the shops and restaurants, had dinner at a barbecue place, and then walked the entire length back later in the evening.

Coffee Trio

We ended up at the Café Havana, where Sam had a Mojito and I had a margarita, after three sips of which I realized I had become allergic to alcohol. I started itching and yawning and itching and yawning and Sam had to order coffee for me just so I’d stay awake long enough to find a taxi home.

It was a great night, despite my breaking into hives, and I’m hoping to have more of it (the nights out, not the hives) as the months go by.

By the bay

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9 thoughts on “By the bay

  1. we had never experienced staying there late. we experienced walking there in the early mornings but i saw a few times that it is very beautiful and attractive at nights. makes one experience the night with someone special VERY SPECIAL, I think.

  2. i am allergic to emperador brandy… i dont get tipsy whenever i drink one… but i do get a bad asthma attack that my last for days…

  3. @monmon: haan ka agtatagari 🙂 haan mit maawatan. kasya nak mit-tin.
    hahaha i told Ate BAmbit next time she should bring me to this place the next time im in Manila.

    @Ate Bambit: naunsa ba uy murag nasuko man heheheh

  4. *comes up for air*

    soooobra ka busy oi, lisod diay ning magbalhin na pud ug deparmtments. Will be back as soon as — well — as soon as i’m back! 😀

  5. i’ve passed by that area several times whenever im in manila but never had the chance to stroll and explore it at night. nice pics..di ba delikado? aima try it next time i fly.

  6. Hello Bambit! I myself have not been to the BayWalk, kahit ang lapit na namin dun! Someday….someday…papasyal rin ako…

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