On the MIA-EDSA bus route there is one line whose employees wear a white shirt with blue collars and emblazoned on the back with “BAVES TRANSPORT ASS. INC.”

While I’ve always thought of ASS. as a sad contraction for the word association (personally I prefer assoc. but then again, nothing beats the full word “association”) I’ve stopped grinning whenever I see any of their shirts. I have somewhere in the recesses of my computer, a photo shot from my phone of this shirt, but anyone who plies the above-mentioned route may have seen it once or twice.

I use the epithet sparingly, only in reference to people who I sincerely think will make other people so much happier if they made themselves disappear from the face of the earth.

The other word—Con (short for convict)—so very American and which apparently never gained toehold in Pinoy conversation despite the showing of the Nicolas Cage movie “Con Air” several years back, is a word I do understand and sometimes even use in everyday speech in reference to someone who or something that may be trying to get the better of me.

So I suppose today’s headline on the Manila Bulletin (both online and in newsprint) is but self descriptive of the people who have coined the unhappy term Con-Ass for constituent assembly.

Manila Bulletin Online - 18 May 2006

Gawd, don’t these people ever think . . .

Cons and Asses

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2 thoughts on “Cons and Asses

  1. Hi Greg!

    As I’ve seen it written (or heard it said, i cant remember) somewhere, freudian slip of the tongue?


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