Dora!The beginning of the Chinese Year of the Dog seems auspicious for me (or so I’d like to think). My father-in-law will celebrate his 83rd birthday, after a close call last December. My daughter turns two on Valentines Day. Two new members of my tech team started work today, with a third joining us tomorrow, and my boss returned to the office proud after having closed several good projects for the office.

Personally, so far, so good. I try to focus on family and work, as I am totally aghast at the politics and economics here where I live. More taxes, more unrest. And then we find an angel in the most unlikely place.

More work, more rest, more time for the family, more time for myself. Less work. More pay. Aha, isn’t that every working stiff’s dream?

I dream of leading a well-rounded life, but with the lack of exercise in my routine, all I’m developing is a well-rounded tummy. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, actually, since a friend had blogged about a peculiarity of female elephants which may actually be to my advantage.

This year I have left off listing New Year’s resolutions both for the Julian and Chinese years. Maybe I’ll just come up with one resolution a month and see how far down the line I last.

Dog Year

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2 thoughts on “Dog Year

  1. female elephants ahhaha

    maybe you should do more activities at lunch break maybe or ask your boss for a gym membership 😉

    pwede na to padad an ug regalo ng imo gamay nga bata
    email ko sa imo villa addy

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