A Lifehacker find:

LeapFish.com has this interesting “utility” that provides an appraisal for your domain and how much it’s worth based on several criteria. I ran our domain through it and this is what I got:

Domain Name Appraisal Results for Kusangpalo.com

Thank you for using the LeapFish Domain Name Analyzer. The following custom report explains more details about what each of these numbers means.

The .com top level domain is the most valuable extension because of it’s long history. It has also been advertised in every form so when people think of a domain name, they instantly add .com to the end of it when typing it in. This TLD alone makes your domain name valuable.

As any good domain should, this name does not contain numbers, hyphens, or unicode characters. This is a desirable effect and may not increase the value of your domain name, but it definitly won’t decrease it.

Your domain name does not contain a single word Dictionary.com entry, or a double word Dictionary.com set of entries, which is very desirable. This does not mean the name is not valuable. Our filter examines your domain name and picks out word pieces without context and creates a score based on this.

This domain name contains 7 or more characters. These names are not valued for there length as much as they are for their lexical context. If your domain name contains say 9 characters randomly like jyuxbeplz.com then you have no inherent value contextually or lengthwise. It is nearly impossible to design an AI system to see how a human will react and memorize a domain name, that said, you should use your own judgement to see if the length of this name is suitable.

Try it out on your domain. The commenters over at Lifehacker think it’s something close to worthless, but I try to treat stuff like this that I find on the Internet as FUN first, useful next.

Domain Name Appraisal

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