Txt msg to BD frm VG: No power since 5am, no tap water. Keeping fish aerated manually, will keep doing so until pet shop opens so i can buy airblocks. On leave today.

Reply from BD to VG: OK

This is one of the things I like best about where I work. I have a boss who understands the emergency of aquarium fish not having any air. And so on leave I went last Wednesday, waking up to no power, fish already going to the surface, Maia fidgeting because of the heat.

After we had set up a system to aerate the fish semi-automatically, we took Maia out for a walk at the Nayong Filipino. Still the best place for miles around to take a stroll on a sweltering summer morning.

nayon04.jpg nayon03.jpg

nayon02.jpg nayon01.jpg

Emergency Wednesday

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One thought on “Emergency Wednesday

  1. Wow! alive and kicking pa din ang nayong filipino? about the only time i went here was when we had our field trip from grade school. now you got me wondering if this is still the same as i remember it.

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