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6 thoughts on “Fresh New Year

  1. Happy new year, friend!!! What a way to start a year, the picture is so cleansing. One of these days — i will be in the philippines celebrating the holiday. I haven’t done it in more than 20 years (be in the Phil. for the holidays that is). That is my goal for this year – and for next year…and the next….

    Oh how pathetic! hehehehe

    take care and have a blessed and joyous new year!

  2. anything with water soothes me….
    by the way who took care of your underwater gang while you are away???
    How far is the drive from Manila (dont count the traffic just to get out of Manila proper)
    gaerlan st? kaya parang siga si M

  3. jeaniepotpot! happy new year, classmate! i hear plans are clearly in the works for the (pang-ilan na ba) MCS76 reunion ober der. parang type kong sumali … bwahaha, as if pwede!

    JoKuiipo hope you and your Kuiipo had the best of the season!

    dai sha bisan asa siga jud nis Maia. It’s roughly 6 hours drive from Manila to San Fernando, La Union by private car, longer if you take the bus (medyo dangerous because of the breakdowns and hold-ups along the way). That’s the same stretch of beach where Gloria Arrovo went surfing daw. Morag she stepped on a surfboard that was pinned to a post underwater to keep her from falling in. Tikasan lang gyapon bisan unsay buhaton.

  4. by the way who took care of your underwater gang while you are away???

    sha, we fed the fish one meal in advance and then we were back late the next day, so they got fed just a little later on that day, but they didn’t look like they missed us 🙁

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