Glenda sure messed up the week for most of us. And the guy who came before she did, Domeng, yeah, he ruined a few things for me as well.

Domeng made me miss two days of going to the office (but not of work, as I will later explain). DECS willy-nilly cancelled school and then took it back. Kuya Maui didn’t mind … it was his birthday on the 12th. He’s 14 now and noticeably taller than his mom.


Domeng showed us we needed to fix the roof on either side of the house. His sudden downpours made us remember Iligan, the land of the waterfalls, because the water came streaming down the walls on the kitchen and in the office area where the computers are. Made me wish I could get something like the setups on directbuy. He also made it difficult for the phone lines to function properly, and our DSL kept getting disconnected as his rains came and went.

Last Friday night (the 21st) I got a text message from my Dad telling me our Lolo Mike had passed on. Lolo Mike is the oldest of all my grandparents, at 86. He looked real nice lying there, but then he’d always been the looker, Lolo Mike was. I saw my relatives again at the wake, and heard the usual jokes about the weight gain and the short hair (yeah, my hair used to be waist-length and curly).

Glenda made us cancel plans to go malling at the humongous Mall of Asia and lunch at Dampa (at that new place near the mall) for my birthday on Sunday. She didn’t keep me from taking a quick ride to the nearby KFC and Pancit ng Taga Malabon to pick up merienda-into-dinner stuff. There are no pictures from my birthday. Mainly because we all looked like we stayed in bed.

We were marooned again Monday and Tuesday, with Kuya Maui delighted that DECS called no classes even the night before. What he wasn’t delighted about was the SONA, which he was forced to hear snippets of, since his computer station was only a few feet away from the t.v. I still worked, wonders of the Internet yeah, didn’t have an excuse not to put up the new company mining blog entries and the mods to the website.

Sam’s got a good one about the SONA.

Glenda (Gloria, whatever) go away

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5 thoughts on “Glenda (Gloria, whatever) go away

  1. ei bambit! july is my birth month too, a cancer?

    so,it’s glenda there? it’s been rainy here too for the past few weeks, can’t wait for the real summer and maybe hit the beach.

    ps..glad you’re finally back!

  2. mwah mwah to all kahit masakit na baywang ko with the added year …

    rinapots, so sorry we couldn’t make it to your farewell concert. Hope magkita parin tayo before you fly off to follow your dream 🙂

    ayeza!!! i owe you a wp testing session!

    ms sachiko, July 23 me, same as Apolinario Mabini … siguro kung naging bold star ako ang screen name ko Polina Mabini (yuk!).

    Kuya Maui’s was on the 12th, he’s the Cancer in the family, quiet when engrossed, noisy when excited, matakaw when hungry 🙂 Traits ba ng male Cancer person yun?

    Thank you for keeping the faith.

  3. Hamberday Bams! And how’s this for the links of weirdness (well, no not weird, but something else, but I can’t find the right word) — Maui’s bday is the day after mine. yeah – my mind works in a “scratch head, whachoo talkin bout willis” way–

    sometimes im not sure if i really miss the bagyo sa pinas, but it’s one of its flavors that make it as it is. ahh joy.

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