Referrers and what they tell about the people who come to your blog I was pleasantly (for lack of a better word) surprised to see that an old post I made had generated a real comment (not one of those spam comments advertising viagra and online casinos), and it turned out to be a real livewire too. So it was quite an eyebrow-raising coincidence to have spied this entry in my referrers (see highlight in red) around the same time that the aforementioned comment was generated. Amazing what referrer tracking can tell you about how people find their way to your blog.

If you’re interested in putting in a referrer tracker in your blog, I’m recommending the one I use. Go to Blogtricks and do the simplest signup. Click “track your referrers with link feedback” and select the “All-in-One” link builder. Fill up the short form with your preferences, and click on “Build It!”. The page will generate a code that you need to paste into the area where you want it to appear on your blog, the best place being somewhere on the sidebar. Of course WordPress users have something similar on the Dashboard compliments of Technorati, but the blogtricks one updates more quickly and accurately.

Have fun!

How I wonder what you are

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