Maia & Ina in BaguioBeen tinkering big time with my themes lately, in hopes of arriving, once and for all, at the perfect, most appropriate theme for this blog. You might say I keep redecorating this blog to compensate for not being able to redecorate my own house (but even that will get a minor redo tomorrow, pics to follow).

Patient reader, my apologies for the eyestrain. I hope to spend a few more hours tonight tweaking, and perhaps even giving up if I don’t get what I want. But you’ll be the first to know once I’ve settled on something. *wink*

In search of the “Perfect” Theme

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One thought on “In search of the “Perfect” Theme

  1. so, that explains the life-laptop-useless disquisition 😉 Anyway, there’s some sense of anticipation in opening your page…and seeing if it is the same =) The water in a river does not pass the same point again…or something to that effect hehe

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