That is if I get any sleep at all tonight. Tomorrow morning will be my third trip out of the country in my entire life and this time I’m on my own, no bosses to pave the way. Hmmm, does that mean I’m a boss na? He he he.

Been getting a lot of tips and advice from the people in the office who’ve been to Singapore already: where to find the MRT coming out of the airport, which hand to use when handing out money, the weather is just like Pinas only not as humid. I’ve been emailed road maps and phone numbers, and former co-workers who are there now have set up a date to meet.

I’m going off to do some marketing work for Samon Publishing, a long-time client of our company. Stayed up late last night to finish the presentation I was asked to do for them at the ADEX. Leaving tomorrow morning, back lickety-split on Sunday morning.

That’s three nights of me being away. I don’t envy the people back home who will be left to take care of the banshee we call Maia. She’s developed this habit of just plain screaming—a really high-pitched scream that can be heard all the way to the next block—when she wants something. She can say a few words already, like milk, and thank you, and star and baby … but the frustration of not being understood immediately gets to her most of the time.

Just enough time to jot this post down, facing another very busy day making the marketing pens and CDs at the office. Will be back with lots of pictures (of course).

Isang Tulog Nalang

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6 thoughts on “Isang Tulog Nalang

  1. Good luck Bambit sa Singapore! Been there more than a couple of times in the 90s. Your friends might give you a tour of Sentosa. That’s a nice theme park.

  2. Have a successful winning trip! May the wind be on your back and your wallet in your purse? ano daw? heheh sorry – trying to sound irish 🙂

    Pwedeng magpabili ng singaporean noodle? LOL!!!

  3. hi bambit! are you in Singapore pa? hope we can meet or maybe you can SMS me (xxxxxxxx) [number hidden by bambit because Luchie may get spam calls 🙂 ]

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