I can’t.

Last Friday two co-workers and I attended a Time Management seminar at 6750. It was sponsored by Microsoft and given buy People Ignite. It was supposed to set us on the right course on how to manage our time, not only in the office, but in our life in general.

I must admit there was nothing said there that I hadn’t heard before, from my father who I consider among the best managers of all time.

We were taught to divide our daily concerns into 4 Quadrants:

    Urgent AND Important
    Urgent BUT NOT Important
    NOT Urgent BUT Important


    NOT Urgent AND NOT Important

Once you have examined your concerns and tasks and have placed then into the proper Quadrants you will be able to manage your day and end it with a feeling of accomplishment. We were able to classify office meetings, emails in reply to clients, dates and family outings and personal activities into where we felt they belonged. The trick was to stick to it.

Now almost a week after that seminar I got up at 6am (instead of my usual 8am) just to write this blog, otherwise I may not have an entry for the rest of the week.

A 30-hour day would be good.

Manage a 24-hour day

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One thought on “Manage a 24-hour day

  1. whew! the 4 quadrants…our boss wants us to sort things out and priorotize… i can’t stick to it…24 hours is just not enough baka nga umobra sa 30 hours…24 hours on the go and 6 hours sleep.

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