There’s gotta be more to life than this routine of wake upgo to workgo homesleep.

Maybe I’ll find out tonight.

Wish me luck.

More to life?

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5 thoughts on “More to life?

  1. dai ayeza, there is more to life, yes, what I had in mind was enrolling in a gym program and go there straight from the office, but I balked at the prices they had! Siguro kaya ako papayat dahil sa laki ng babayaran ko, wala na akong pambili ng pagkain! ha ha ha …

  2. lol! sigh sometimes we just have to focus in what is right in our life, like the baby in the family. Hello kuya maui, musta na? maski parang paulit ulit, the smile in a baby’s face… ereases any doubt about your life. 😀

  3. that there IS more to life? Oh yes, definitely more … and the funny thing is that I didn’t find it in the gym (although I do have kwento about a gym), and all the more I didn’t find it outside the house, but it was here, inside the balay, it was here all the time … abangan ang kwento! he he he suspense daw ba …

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