Say hello to our new webhost, Bayanhosting. Where the connections are faster, the service is great, and where people actually do something to help you out.

New theme, again, although I can’t say I’ve settled for this one, but I do think it’s time for me to stop fiddling with the themes and get on with the meatier occupation of actually writing something. Yeah, call me obsessive-complusive, I’d agree with you 120%. I just get a thrill clicking away at the new WordPress 2.0.1 Theme interface where you can actually see a snapshot of your new theme, and have a wysiwg preview of your post as it acutally will show up on your blog. Blame the techie web dabbler in me, plus the myriad of available themes on the internet for the taking.

I could implement a theme switcher to allow my few but precious readers to change the theme as the mood suits them, yes, that seems to be a good idea, and also to post more photos of our reef aquarium, with the new additions from our good friend Jimmy from the marine fish exporters. Fascinating to see the reef growing and changing, and even more rewarding to admit that the fish are actually staying alive! And even more interesting is how people seem to be becoming interested in saltwater aquariums . . .

It must be an adrenaline rush, this post at 2 in the morning, with Sam nagging at me to go to bed. Ok ok, I’m off … but will definitely be back.

Moved In!

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2 thoughts on “Moved In!

  1. Ahhh….the long wait is over 😉 And I thought it would take some time. Don’t worry about the 2 o’clock in the morning thing…my insomnia is worse 😉

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