Around this same time last year Sam and I migrated from the free bloghosting service of to paid hosting from, and took the leap from Blogger to WordPress.

There must be something about February moving into March, because we are moving house again, this time from Ploghost to Bayanhosting. Why are we moving? A bit of dissatisfaction with the old host (downtimes at the most inopportune hours for me) and an itch to try other services to see if they’re any better.

This site and Sam’s blog may be inaccessible during the transfer, which is set to happen by Friday the 24th of this month. By the time this post reappears, the domain will have moved to a new domain host and web server.

Goodbye, Ploghost, it’s been swell.

Here’s hoping that things will be better at our new home.

Moving along

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5 thoughts on “Moving along

  1. mell i called five other local company webhosts who offer more or less the same packages as ploghost and with the same payment options. I picked the one who answered the phone on the third ring, always answered my email queries within 2 hours, followed up when they said they would, and were generally very nice to me. That was 🙂 … hoy Dina grabeng plugging na ito ha …

  2. i spoke to dina over ym. at ine-enterogate ko nga. alam mo naman ate you are the biggest influencer in terms of technical aspects of my blog… my annual payment is about to expire this month, so i am looking to move. nagcanvas ako sa mga host dito, ang mamahal!

    i am so upset, down times are quite often sa alam mo na… tsk! ok naman performance nila? di naman down so far?

  3. mell i’ve used siteuptime since september of last year, kaya ang monitoring ko since then walang paltos. I could tell just from a glance that our domain was down for at least 3 days in a week. at least. dito naman sa bayanhosting so far so good, you can tell from the siteuptime link i have under the siteuptime logo.

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