Crowd Dispersal Management Competition

I was totally in a kwentong Singapore mode until I checked out the INQ website for a bit of news, and this caught my eye.

The caption reads:

IN FULL SWING, police preparations for rallies include a demonstration of the Crowd Dispersal Management competition staged by members of the Regional Special Crowd Unit. RODEL ROTONI

Either Mr. Rotoni needs to improve his English or he is actually telling INQ readers that there are now COMPETITIONS for Crowd Dispersal among our police? Ginagawa na palang contest ang pananakit at pambubugbog sa kapwa tao? Like gladiators in brutal ancient Rome?


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One thought on “Namamalikmata?

  1. there was a competition among police units on crowd dispersal management. i saw the news article sometime ago (not really a long time ago… but i can’t remember exactly when. i’m sure this year lang and after 1017)

    grabe noh?

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