I’m off to the mountains tonight, taking the bus going north not to join the NPA but to fix a screw-up. If all goes well I should be back by tomorrow evening, if not then I’m looking at a Saturday bus ride back to Manila. It will be my first trip alone in a long time; the last one I remember was when I was eighteen and gone off to attend a writers workshop in Dumaguete waaaaay back in the 80s. I took the bus from the south terminal in Cebu, made my way around the southern tip of the island and up again to the western side of the island, facing Negros.

The place I’m going to now is a power plant up in the mountains in Bakun, Ilocos Norte. I’m going there to correct a screw-up that I have taken responsibility for, being the manager. It’s always the manager’s fault. I’ve always believed that. Maybe that’s why this job burns me out. The fresh mountain air should console me.

See you in a couple of days.

Off to the mountains

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