Meri XmasI’m still at the office as of this blogging, making use of the last few minutes before I shut down, to sum up the past few days, and sort of look forward to the xmas holidays.

I’m still here because I had to read my mail, write my reports, answer support calls–the usual stuff I do that my office pays me for. Late this morning I had to visit a client to teach them how to administer their new domain email, and since I was late for work this morning, the visit stretched into several hours in the usual “Oh while you’re here can you do this for me” style.

And since I’m the only one in the office now there’s no one to nag for a company-paid supper. I could call out for delivery myself, but it’s no fun to eat alone. Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit, I work for pizza. I don’t get paid overtime (not in my contract) as I hardly ever get to do overtime these days, but when I do it’s super duper overtawad. I even work for vetsin (msg) laced chop suey from Quick Stomach(ache) in Makati Ave.

I could wait for Sam who is out with his house representative boss meeting people here and there, but I have no idea what time he’ll be done. As a matter of fact I just got a text message from him saying it looks like they’ll be a while still, and that I should go home when I’m done here. Sigh. Far be it from me to get in the way of affairs of the state.

Maia would be asleep by now, and Kuya Maui would be hacking away at his forums and torrented games as it is, thank God, Friday.

I remember the days (and nights) back in 1999 when I was new here. I’d stay up studying the cms system and getting to know what needed knowing, and I paid no mind to the time of day or night I would get back to my tiny 5m*6m studio. Although I can’t exactly say I miss those days (and nights), I must say those days and nights molded me into the workaholic that I am now.

There’s two more weeks of work left in December, after which we all hibernate over Christmas week, and re-emerge on the second day of the brand new year.

I have on my table the usual lists I get as these holidays approach, the Christmas cakes and goodies pricelist from my suki “The Works”. My Christmas table has been laden with their cakes and pastries and chocolates for the past five years (minus the year we were in Mindanao of course).

There’s the list of tasks that should all be complete before we shut down for the holidays. I’m slowly but surely going through this particular list, as I want my weekend to be work- and hassle-free.

And then there’s the list of our self-styled exchange gifts, where each employee writes down what he wants to get during the xmas party (which will be on the 16th at Cafe Lupe), and it will be the job of whoever picks out his name from the pot to make sure that he gets it.

There’s the list of kids to get presents for, and the list of family and friends to send greetings to.

Heaven knows where my list of new year’s resolutions is. Come to think of it, I guess I never made one.


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2 thoughts on “Overtawad

  1. oi, oi pamasko koooooooo!!! ahahahhaha!!! you mentioned Quick Stomach. namiss ko na yan. grabe napurga ako diyan when i was still working in pacific star. yan lang kase afford ng budget ko.

    gosh miss ko na pasko sa atin! waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. hi bambit, you seem to have christmas down pat. it’s even so christmasy around here, what a joy!

    good luck on the shopping, and all the parties you have to attend 🙂

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