On the eve of Typhoon Reming

If it doesn’t flood in your house when it rains, and if your computer and internet connection contraption are at least 4 feet from the lowest level area in your living room, and you still have electricity and phone lines and therefore an internet connection, you might want to discover the utter usefulness of torrents.

I think the next most expensive thing in this country to software are books. And as usual, a utility has been made on the Internet to solve this problem. Torrents.

Torrents, simply put, are segments of files that are stored on several computers and are made available through peer-to-peer file sharing. My son calls it Limewire on steroids.

First of all you need a torrent client. My son recommends uTorrent, because it’s simple and fast. He also recommends isohunt, meganova, mininova and torrentspy. My latest discovery is ebookshare.net.

I have downloaded volumes of e-books in chm format into my barebones computer, which look like the help files that come with Windows programs. Adobe PDF versions of various Dummies books are also available for those who know where to look.

Don’t you just love the Internet …

Raining Torrents

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3 thoughts on “Raining Torrents

  1. sis, firstly… anlaki na ni Maia!

    secondly… we haven’t used Torrent pa though I have an account… Limewire allowed us to download 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy though 🙂 and yes, love the internet! 🙂

    (and yes, i finally have time to blog hop!)

  2. ate,
    we’ve actually been using utorrent for quite awhile now getting albums of hard to find music. you gave me an idea of where to get manuals for programs i want to learn about. teehee.

    i hope i find some. and then some.

    tis the season to be bankrupt. hay.

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