I resurrected an old hard disk this evening, from a machine we’d been using from two years ago, but whose motherboard had said “enough!”

We rediscovered Sam’s old office files, Maia’s baby pics from the time she was born, Kuya Maui’s school stuff from Iligan, and the mp3 files I’d patiently downloaded from the time I discovered this wonderful software called Limewire.

The obsession with downloading mp3’s started when we first got broadband in 2001, back when we were too dumb to know that kazaa was up to no good, and that even kazaalite wasn’t much better. But limewire—limewire was perfect, especially if you knew enough to be selfish and configured it so that no uploads could be made from your machine.

But back to the collection. 4.36GB of musical bliss. That’s not much compared to other people i know who keep their music in their machines, but ours was extra special, as most of it were stuff that were difficult, if not impossible to find, on cd, in the stores today.

Acoustic renditions by musicians from Alanis Morissette to Sugar Ray, classics from Sting to Steely Dan. Jazz from Joe Jackson to Quincy Jones. Television and movie soundtracks from the A-Team to Dr. Zhivago. Classical music from Mozart to Itzhak Perlman. Classic adik selections from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin.

Among the music files were the m3u playlists, and the cover we designed for a CD we made for when Maia was born. The CD contained the songs we’d line up in winamp to lull her to sleep. A week before we left Manila to live in Iligan, we gave the CDs out to a small group of people who were there when she was born, or had been recruited as ninangs even as early as I had conceived (a minor miracle at age 40), and my ob-gyn Dr. Liza.

Dr. Liza was tickled pink when she got her CD. I didn’t get to see her on that day I left the CD at the clinic, but she peppered me with thank you’s by text when she got it. She said she loved OSTs, and the songs on the cd were her particular favorites. Turned out she had been a UP Singing Ambassador. I remembered her singing, on Valentines Day 2004, as she sat by my feet patiently waiting for Maia to come out. Now that’s something, isn’t it?

maias CD.jpg


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