of a middle-aged Tech Support manager in the mountains of Ilocos (Norte/Sur) restoring a client’s laptop and doing her own work thanks to the wonders of the Internet.



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9 thoughts on “Self-portrait

  1. ay lab Boy Bawang hahaha i bought five packs when i went back here. pero alam mo ba mas masarap yung nsa maliit na supot kaysa yang malaki?

    ay parang magulo basta yun na yun hehehe

    ingat dyan ha?

  2. hi, bisaya ka? gusto lang nako ipabahibalo sa imo nga naghimo kog link sa imong blog/site. ako si bong. gapanghatag kog tips sa suertres lotto. u can find me at http://www.3dtips.virtue.nu or http://3dtips.virtue.nu, either of them should work. click on “my friends” link to find urself der. pero dili ni magdugay nga link kay ako ra gyapong tangtangon kung dili ko makakita ug link sa imong blog/site 2 my site. ingon pa nila reciprocal links ba….bisitahi ko wen u hav d time, k? 🙂

  3. @Sam

    hahaha kabalo na juds ko naay mag react. Ang akong gusto ipabot yung BOy Bawang na sa smaller packet. Ayan ininglis na lang para dili censored ang dating hehehe

    hello Maia!

  4. Please be very careful with that mug of tea / coffee ! Hot liquid in a laptop keyboard is nasty (even worse than a normal keyboard because most of the computer innards are underneath the keyboard!)

  5. ha ha you got that right Andy, many’s the time we’ve had laptops brought in because of water, cola, coffee and what have you in the keyboard. I don’t know if it’s just Filipino computer people, but we all have caffeine running in our blood (it’s brown under the microscope, i bet) and the coffee mug is an extension of our hands 🙂

  6. Yes that sounds about right. With my laptop I try to keep a rule that all liquids and food must be at a level beneath the computer. At work, I’ve had a couple of narrow escapes but there it’s a desktop and if the keyboard gets trashed, it’s not such a big deal.

    Caffeine is definitely a big factor.

  7. Hahahahaha galing talaga ng Boy Bawang!!! I get uncomfortable eating it in the office though kasi yun na nga, nag-a-amoy bawang ako pero sometimes… I just can’t help it! Toothbrush lang katapat niyan!

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