I may be semi-dead, but Visayan Dabawenya humor sure isn’t. Sam passed these on to me from one of his yahoogroups. They’ve apparently been passed on several times via email, but the original source is Witerary.com by photographer and wit Jojie Alcantara. Last time I checked witerary.com it had exceeded its bandwidth limit, which is evidence that the site is quite in demand.

I don’t think you have to be Dabawenya or Visayan at all to appreciate these. There were several photos in the series, but these are my top favorites:



Please lang noh

Signs of Life

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Life

  1. Bambit? 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning me in your nice Blog. You’re right, my collection has certainly took its journey all over the world (and it has reached me several times in different titles and compilations). I supposed it should be flattering but the surge of traffic in my site wasn’t expected (good thing my server host generously increased my bandwidth and rallied to support my, er…lunacy). A little correction, I am not Bisaya. I am a Dabawenya. I speak in the most convoluted Bisaya ever. People from Davao are a melting pot of culture and traits, so we kind of speak in a different accent from the Cebuanos who are also, as astig as we are. 🙂 I was in the mood for googling out who’s been mentioning me, and your blog is probably one of the few who referred to me correctly as a SHE. 🙂 Bless you and good day.

    Jojie Alcantara

  2. i saw a sign here in korea sometime ago, in one of those subway public toilets, which am pretty sure filipino ang nagsulat pero ende sha Dabawenya, kase ang nakalagay “dugay ka na diri sa Korea tonta ka pa gihapon.” or something to that effect. ilonggo ang parents ko kaya naintindihan ko. i laughed out loud. the sad thing is, wla akong dalang kamera. arrghhhh!!! ang celphone ko naman panahon pa ng dinosaurs kaya wla akong proof na merong ganyang sign na nagexist dito. mga pinoy talaga, pasaway eeeeevveerrrrr!!!

    sige lang. kita na lang tayo sa blog. he he. musta na lang sa mga bebe mo.

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