If you got here because of the google “try pulling the corners of your eyes” search, the original link to that post (and image) is here.

Thanks billions to Mei who called my attention to this. Apparently this neat little visual hallucinogen has spread all over the UK, thanks to a junior clerical officer at the British Treasury!

Treasury apologises over e-mail

The Treasury has said it “deeply regrets” any offence caused by an e-mail mistakenly sent to journalists.

The e-mail, sent by junior clerical officer Robbie Browse, was entitled “Advantage of being Chinese”, under a heading of “this is brilliant!”.

It encouraged recipients to “try pulling the corners of your eyes as if you were Chinese” to decipher a message which read “no sex causes bad eyes”.

On realising his mistake, Mr Browse sent out a recall of the e-mail. (…)

And when you do a search on Google for “try pulling the corners of your eyes as if you were Chinese” the first two links are from this blog, same as when you search for “If you cannot decipher anything”.

It might interest one to note though, that if one searched for “no sex causes bad eyes” on google, one would come up with a list of sites featuring the optical illusion, where not one link on the first page mentions anything about being Chinese. The second page on that list of links contains a personal site where the author mentions he got the actual sign nine years ago, and I quote from Piers Anthony:

I have a sign a reader, Karen Clay, sent me nine years ago. It’s an indecipherable series of blocks, but if you retreat about twenty feet you can read it: NO SEX CAUSES BAD EYES. Well, I have a corollary, based on recent experience: Screwing improves vision. We have tools around the house; in fact we raised our daughters to know how to use tools, so as not to be helpless females. When there’s a repair job around the house, like as not it’s my wife who tackles it. But there’s one I have to do, and for it I use the smallest tool: a tiny screwdriver whose total length, handle included, is one and a half inches. I use it for my wife’s glasses; periodically their earpieces loosen and need tightening, and she can’t do it because she can’t see without her glasses on, and the screws are microscopically small. So at this point in the column, I dug out my tiny tool kit and screwed for her, and now her vision is improved.

What a gem. But back to the BBC and the British Treasury.

Booboo #1 for Mr. Browse was using the office email for sending (and receiving as well, one might assume) personal mail. In these days of corporate email ethics and security, one could get jacked for this reason more than for being politically incorrect. After all, one can only go so far being politically correct semantically, after that things start to get ridiculous (like freedom fries for french fries, woot?).

So that’s where my google hits were coming from . . .

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  1. No wonder.. I was curious what you meant by a search engine fluke until you posted this. That’s neat… I’m Chinese, so if I try pulling the sides of my eyes, I’ll go blind. Nicely redesigned blog by the way! 🙂

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