Sneaky marketing I noticed a few comments made on my blog recently by users with names like “disaster recovery services” and “12dailypro” that have made it past the normal checks of Spam Karma. They have all the appearances of legitimate comments with messages such as “I look forward to coming back to read more. I love the blog template :0)” or “Hey, if you haven’t heard of the “12dailypro vs Stormpay” fiasco yet, check out my post…”

I have Spam Karma running on WordPress 2.0.1 for the added security (yes, i finally upgraded last weekend after much hemming and hawwing and reading of the how-to guide), and I do not want to turn the spammer level any higher than I should. But this kind of sneaky marketing is starting to get to me. It’s a good thing when a legitimate reader posts an insightful comment on your blog, but when a comment comes in disguised as a legit post but is actually a come-on link to a spam website, that is just plain below the belt.

What I’m doing now is manually catching them as they come in, which means opening up my blog every hour or so during my waking days, which can be difficult (and even illegal) when I’m at work. I don’t want to go all paranoid about this, but then again, I don’t want to help their advertising either, which is pretty much like what a certain Filipino congressman did quite recently. Har har, has he become the greatest marketing muppet ever.

Corollary to which would be Ms. Madrigal’s raid of a Las Piñas cybersex den, which yielded — well, nothing except an idea for similar businesses (snicker snicker) and that the owner paid his workers very well, was up-to-date with paying his taxes and social security and Home Development Mutual Fund contributions. As if there weren’t scuttlebutt going around the city of angels up north (Luzon, Philippines) about how two expat owners of a similar establishment got arrested and deported within one week, but the establishment is still up and running but under different (read: local) management.

But I digress. Excuse me while I go I.P. banning . . .

Sneaky Marketing

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3 thoughts on “Sneaky Marketing

  1. hello there! im using WP too but my host, thess, takes care of all those technical things. i hear things like bugs,virus,spammers from her. looks like a hella lot of work and patience to combat all these things.

    im back in the blogging world after a long hiatus. kindly update my URL please. salamat po!

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