Something you should do before they wise up and take the thing down.

Go to

Enter “earthworm hamburger” as a seach term, with or without the quotes.

Look at the top result. Click on the link and look at the bottom part of the page, where it is all red but otherwise apparently blank.

Click then move the mouse over the blank red bottom part of the page and look at what you see.

Web/html savvy people, take things a bit further and do a “view source” on the page. Do a CTRL+F for an image named 1.jpg and look at the alt-text that comes with each 1×1 px image. Crafty, eh?

This is the work of a group that we in the office refer to as The Barnaby Brothers. You will find their company name in the meta and alt tags in the site mentioned above. What is unclear to me about their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods is did the client company know that the words “earthworm burgers” appear as meta tags on their site? Or maybe they do know and are using it to their SEO advantage?

What this company (the fastfood one) should do is take down this old site so that in time no one will find them in #1 position for earthworm burgers. As it is the cached pages in Google will serve for quite some time after the pages have been removed.

Search engines have long memories.

So that’s how they taste like …

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