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The writer will create a blog with “6 weird things/habits about yourself.”

People who get tagged will have to post a blog of their own telling 6 weird things/habits about themselves.

At the end of your 6 weird/things/habits, you need to choose 6 people that you would like to be tagged and list their names.

Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “You are Tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read yours for instructions on how to proceed!

Here goes …

1. I argue with my monitor when things are not working the way I want them to on the websites I make. I do this no matter who happens to be in the room with me.

2. I unintentionally start sounding like the person I am having a long conversation with. Accents and intonation are contagious.

3. I actually keep bus tickets in my bag instead of throwing them away after I’ve alit at my destination. Sometimes the tickets stay in my bag for a week until I decide to throw them away or change bags.

4. When I make coffee (brewed or instant) I put in the sugar before the coffee.

5. When I’m bored I doodle lines and arrowheads that point to nowhere.

6. I talk to my plants. Which may be a habit I should drop, as none of my plants seem to live very long.

I now tag the following people:

    1. Sam

    2. Ralph (haberday!)

    3. Rina

    4. Ayeza

    5. Mell

    6. and anyone else who reads this!

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6 thoughts on “Tagged by the Wandering Deity

  1. ahahahahhah!!! you talk to your monitor and plants! ahahhahah!!! maybe we should have a conference sometimes! ugh!]

    btw, i am using IE. am not compatible with mozilla. sowee:(

  2. a. i talk alone in the CR when stressed out…
    b. one can’t force me to utter a single word if i dont feel like talking or specially when i am mad
    c. i cant sleep at night without the TV on
    d. i find myself sometimes staring at people (yea, i know it’s rude)
    e. i cant look in the eye anyone (in person) i admire
    f. i dont eat ube, even if it’s only a flavor.

  3. Welcome back Bambit! Been visiting and wondering where you were. Naalala ko nasa abroad ka, baka di ka pa bumabalik. Anyway, got wind of your return at Balikbayan Box. She tagged me too 🙂

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