A few former co-workers had promised to show me as much of Singapore as can be allowed by my personal time there. I met Edwin & Lala & Elyse and her husband Cord on Thursday night, and they took me to an all-you-can-eat place on Marina Bay. I didn’t realize we could eat so much.

Edwin, Lala, Elyse & Cord

After dinner they whipped my ass bowling — I had tried to wiggle out of it for all the valid reasons I knew, my broken finger (suffered when Maia and I fell out of the hammock late last year; from then on the middle finger on my right hand hadn’t quite straightened out and would hurt when the weather was bad), my aching feet (from all the walking I’d been doing) and my old-age sleepiness at 9pm. All these reasons were shoved aside as we put on the rented blue & yellow bowling shoes.

Bowling, Imaginet Style

Friday lunchtime Elyse met me for lunch, which we had at Marché, which was at the first level of the Sun Tec City. Since we were both having a bad tooth day, we had mashed potatoes with mushrooms in cream sauce. Yum!

Lunch at Marché

Mashed Potato with Mushrooms in Cream Sauce

The East-West Line

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  1. It looks as if you had a great time. The food looks great and the bowling alley looks really nice. Gotta love those bowling shoes, especially with sore feet. I don’t think i have ever seen such brightly colored bowling balls in a public bowling alley before.


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