If I hadn’t been weighed down by more than one bag I would have taken the MRT from Changi Airport, but that would have been a mistake. It was a long walk from City Hall Station to the Sun Tec City as I discovered later on, but walking in Singapore did, not even once, make me sweat. I hardly noticed the change in temperature inside and outside the door to any mall or building. Maybe it’s because Singapore has so many trees.


I did walk to Aljuneid Station from the Hotel 81 where I stayed. This Hotel 81 was in the very interesting place called Geylang. I can almost hear the Singaporean residents giggling. Yes, Geylang is a very interesting place, both in daytime and at night.


I was in Singapore at the behest of Scubaglobe editor/publisher H Mitchell, to pitch the new Scubaglobe Privilege Club to be launched in June this year. He figured since I created the visual presentation I may as well help in explaining to the target audience—resorts, dive spots and liveaboards—how the privilege club can be the ultimate marketing opportunity for them. It proved to be an opportunity for me as well, to see Singapore for the first time and to interact with people from all over Asia and the rest of the world. Our booth was manned by Mr. H himself, a remarkable Thai lady named Song, and myself—fat old web lady from the Philippines.

At the ADEX

Singapore Sling

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