Updated and complete!

Still an ongoing project but you’re welcome if you feel like hopping by.

I created this page with Cal Demaine’s Inline RSS plugin and a little xslt upgrade from my webhost Bayanhosting, and danged if I don’t feel like I’m in a room full of really remarkable people when I’m on it!

What it does is aggregate (almost) all the rss feeds of the blogs on my blogroll. The downside is that I can’t get it to work with atom.xml, which is the rss feed for blogspot blogs. I’ll figure out a way around it soon.

I’ve also found a way, with Cal’s help, to make the blogger atom.xmls appear as well. Cal suggested Bill Rawlinson’s FeedList plugin, and voila! A bloghopping happy page!

Click HERE to go to the Happy Hopper’s Page.

Download inlineRSS.zip from Cal Demaine’s site.

Save it in your plugins folder, activate and follow the bouncing ball. You know how it goes …

The Happy Hoppers Page

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