My own irreverent Visita Iglesia this hopping through the list under The House Recommends, showing one and all why the house recommends them 🙂

Pugad Baboy Station lovingly and painstakingly maintained by Juan Tapulan. For PB Fans like me who have had the rotten luck of not having been able to complete the collection of Pugad Baboy publications (for financial reasons or just plain bad timing), The PB Station is heaven-sent. Not least on the PB-mania feed are WikiPugad, which has almost everything you’d want to know about the strip, its characters and its conception. Best of all there is Pol Medina’s site itself, Pugad Baboy, my favorite pages of which are the ones about Pol himself.

I first came across Jonas Diego’s The Blurb when I was still in Iligan. This artist blew my socks off with his powerpacked creativity. When I visited his spot today I even unearthed a little jewel: the McGyver Mastercard commercial. Yes, Jonas, I am a Mac fan too.

Neither Monster Norman is the (forgotten?) other blog of graphics artist guru Norman Nimer, a friend and former colleague from Cebu. Another famous friend from Cebu is writer/poet/family man Myke Obenieta. Lensman Bobby Timonera takes us to the most photogenic spots in Mindanao: The Land of Promise. Bobby’s photograph of Lake Sebu graces the cover of my eBook “Other Endings”.

GPRIME is a must for internet video addicts. From videos to flash games and other online miscellany, this site is definitely bookmarkable. The downside is the videos only play in Windows Media Player. Is there a media player plugin for firefox? Apparently there is, but you have to instal the latest Windows Media Player (v10 if you’re on XP and v9 if you’re on anything lower). Albino Blacksheep is Gprime on steroids, Rogin-E and just about every enhancement you can think of. In short, ABS rocks! – Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything, is just that. Tips galore on how to do just about anything to install license plates on your car to how to use a phone on an airplane. On a tab behind the eHow page is wikiHow, The How to Manual that anyone can write or edit. Lots of priceless tips here as well.

Best Blogs in Asia is another of a growing number of blog directories. BBA focuses on Asia and is sponsored by Rice Bowl Journals.

The WordPress plugin directory is probably one of the greatest bookmarks for a WordPress blog tinkerer. Up right along with it is Emily Robbins of How to Blog. You get power tips, templates, and plugins to last you years and years of happy WP blogging. is where I got the image headlines plugin, as well as the fascination for the gravatars plugin, those nice little icons that show when you comment, and displays your gravatar if you have one.

If you’re a kid doing research on the stuff your parents talk about every now and then, you know, stuff you just can’t relate to? Nostalgia Central is the place to go for entertainment trivia. You might even want to tell your parents that it houses The #1 A to Z of the 60, 70s & 80s. I’m sure they’ll love you all the more for it.

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