I had started to write this post with just the first part of the title, ending at the question mark. But recent events has forced me to append the exclamation.

When I first heard the news of the Fort Bonifacio stand-off I thought this might be it, the proverbial last straw for the Marines. And perhaps rightly so, as it is the Military who have the biggest capability to get anything going in the way of change. No matter what legions of progressives tell you about the masses who must lead the forces of change, it will still be the Military who will make the decisive action that supporters will rally behind. Even EDSA 1 will prove this. And especially so will EDSA 2.

Meanwhile, capable civilians (read: posturing politicians) were galvanized into action. UP Diliman rises and rallies behind Randy David. School in all levels are suspended for the next day. Cory and her entourage are halted on their way to the Fort, with specific orders not to let her through. Building up with these events, Rene Saguisag’s tongue spews more acid, and Lomibao acquires delusions of being William Randolph Hearst.

And then, close to midnight, the growing clamour was nipped in the bud.

“Kinausap ko na ang lahat ng mga commanders ko at maayos na ang lahat. Pwede na kayong umuwi (I’ve already conferred with my commanders and everything’s already settled. You [reporters] can go home now).”

They may even take back the “no school on Monday” proclamation.

So much for that.

The last straw? Not!

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One thought on “The last straw? Not!

  1. The recent events looks to me like a swirling merry-go-round that is so dizzying and when it goes on a standstill and stop—we get nothing but a pain in the head.

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