Really lazy evening this, when we didn’t even bother to buy/rent DVDs to watch. And there was no need for it, with Star Movies showing A Walk in the Clouds early in the evening, and then Love Actually after that. Not for us the mad rush to posh restaurants on this night, definitely not a night to check in at a motel when every room is bound to be taken. It’s little Maia’s birthday so I left the office early to catch a few more hours with my baby on her birthday, and when it was her bedtime, time to catch up on the tube. Spent the evening snuggled up with a bag of Boy Bawang.

Lazy Valentines Evening

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Valentines Evening

  1. love actually… the cutest movie, ever! i totally enjoyed this movie, esp. the “rockstar’s interview”. happy belated birthday to maia – she’s really is adorable.

  2. jeaniepotpot! the best reason for me to like a walk in the clouds is (no not keanu) but the lead female character’s name. I got a kick out of Keanu calling out for Aitana Sanchez-Giron shouting “Victoria! Victoria!” at the top of his lungs 😀

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