Guess who’s not going to get any sleep at night for the next 4 weeks, after discovering and downloading this little goodie called TVU Player. The finest treat we’ve had this year, FREE LIVE World Cup Football! (a hundred million thanks for the tip, Mr. Nimer)

TVU Player

Double-clicking on the “tv screen” will bring it up to full screen. You can see the available channel listings on the left hand menu in regular view mode; there’s a channel that shows Hollywood movies in English with Chinese subtitles, so even when the World Cup is over, I can envision other sleepless nights. Too bad we didn’t find out about this in time to watch the opening ceremonies, and it does seem kind of strange to be listening to Americans doing football commentary (Americans do NOT know how to talk about football, this REAL football, not the bastardized rugby/soccer/mud wrestling they call football). Give me Andy Gray and John Motson anytime, but then again beggars can’t be choosers.

World Cup Football right in your own home! Who can ask for more?

So who needs to pay the cable companies PHP 6-effing-THOUSAND??? Certainly not THIS guy.

Walang Tulugan!

Walang Tulugan!!!

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5 thoughts on “Walang Tulugan!!!

  1. Hi Bambit. A lot thanks for informing bout this cool program. I can’t believe its there for free.

    I am just wary na baka di na mudagan sa akong dial-up connection. But I’ll try anyway.

    I am watching the games at CCTV 2. The picture is so crystal clear but the commentaries are in chinese. OK na lang. That Php 6,000 is just not the kind of amount I could easily shell out.

    Happy vieweing sa inyo diha pati si Sam . I wonder what team you are especially rooting for?

  2. Major Tom, i don’t know if it will work on dial-up but i seem to remember reading on the website that you need broadband for this.

    Rene, had a bit of a scare last night, because the TVU servers went down, no broadcasts at all last night, you can see the panic on their message boards.

    riyadh, is the place to go, download the TVUPlayer program, install it on your computer (only runs in Windows XP and 2000 as far as i know). Wait for it to connect to the network and then double-click on ESPN2 on the menu.

  3. Ayyyy pasaway ever! Kahit gusto ko mang wag manood ng FIFA eh hindi ako makakatulog dahil lahat ng utao dito sa neighborhood super nood lagi kahit magdamag noh, especially pag me laro ang Korea.

    Shempre nakikinood na rin ako. Hehehhe!!!

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