What I missing this weekend

This is a photo of a posh resort in Palawan. They invited our company on a familiarization tour, as we will be redesigning their website next month.

I put in an old photo just to salve the feeling of regret that I am not there right now, as it was projected to happen last week. I however, backed out at not quite the last minute, as I was less one yaya for the next two weeks (Ate Bebing is on her semi-annual leave), and it would have been the first overnight stint for me without Maia.

So my boss, he with the bruised kidneys and the travel insurance, went in my place. Wonder how heโ€™s taking the kayaking and rock climbing sessions on the fam tour.

What I Missed this Week

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10 thoughts on “What I Missed this Week

  1. toni, sha, yes that’s El Nido all right, and from the way my boss looked when he got back it looks like i missed a lot more than I’d care to admit. They went kayaking, spelunking, snorkeling, rock climbing… even spent an afternoon at the spa! Kaiinggit, kaasar … di bale, babawi din ako one of these days.

  2. Yugs! I’ve been told that El Nido is way off Puerto Princesa, so way off it’s got its own airstrip. matter of fact, da bossing took a chartered flight from the aboitiz hangar near nichols, and not a regular commercial flight like you could if you were going to puerto.

  3. ms bing wow, glad to see you’re up and about! yeah, kahit old pic ang ganda parin ano? super mega inggit ako i didn’t get to go. pero . . .

    major tom kahit na hindi ako nakapag-Palawan, i am still fortunate to have lived in and gone around Mindanao. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. it i first heard about this place eons ago di pa cool ang palawan
    it a gem
    then i read you need to charter to get to this place

  5. sha mahal jud as in, pwerteng dollar, which is why pwerte sad nako pag mahay not being able to go. sige langggg, wait till i’ve redesigned their site, it will be so nice they’ll set a time for me to go when it’s all done … ha ha ha … i wish!

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