Why I couldn't go to work today

By the time I had informed the office that I wasn’t going to show up, the water level had risen to around six inches inside the house. Barely 10 minutes before this photo was taken I was still outside taking a video of the water rushing past the gates out on the street, and of our concrete garden sinking into the muddy waters. Good thing we had enough time to bring all electrical equipment onto dry table tops.

When Maia first saw the flood inside the house she exclaimed as clear as day “What’d you do?!” as if it were the entire household’s fault that her living room was under water. A few minutes later she stood on the stairs and kept calling out “Help! Help!” as her cartoon friends would when they were in trouble.

In the meantime, Kuya Maui had to find alternative means to amuse himself while he was unable to sit in front of the computer … and in retro fashion dug out his box of Lego blocks, which he hadn’t touched for more than a year.

kuya gets back to basics

The rain must have started in the wee hours of the morning. When I woke at a quarter to six it was the steady downpour that we feared. Steady downpours are dangerous in our area. Sudden squalls do not bring floods. It’s the slow and steady rain that doesn’t stop that eventually becomes the river outside the gate, and the tide that rushes into the house, leaving us with no alternative but to wait until it does stop.

We were still fortunate, of course, as we only had to wade in six inches of murky water. The area near the creek, just a turn from the nearest corner must have been waist deep. And to think the barangay had dug up our sidewalks just last June to put in their flood-control culverts under ground.

Barangay Vitalez, as you may well know by now, it didn’t work.

Why I couldn’t go to work today

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8 thoughts on “Why I couldn’t go to work today

  1. oh my, what a mess! that’ll take ages to clean up! 🙁 and with the humidity, it will be tough to get everything really dry. watch out for the molds!

  2. Ederic po ng PinoyEbooks.com at Tinig.com. Dead link po yung URL ng ebook ninyo. Pwede kayang makahingi ng kopya para mai-upload ulit sa PinoyEbooks.com?

    Thanks po. 🙂

  3. hope everyone is well after this pictures was taken hehehe
    opposite naman tayo since nasa eastcoast ako HEATWAVE naman kalaban dito.

  4. Sorry to see and hear about this recent event. Hope things are….calm now and…most of all dry. Jo Kuiipo.

  5. sis, hopefully naman humupa na ang baha senyo and nde na mangyari ulit yan… katakot yung opportunistic germs, infections, diseases from floods… kapatid ko nga na-dengue na lang ng basta, nde naman kami binaha…

  6. was searching for something about philippine lotto and nakasulod ko ani nga site was browsing it and saw a name “bambit” nga bisaya..remember Dr. Deriada, he was here sa FD sa silliman kay awardee sya and last aug. 26 he was with us and sharing his life and our life to him…

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