ibigay kay Cesar ang para kay CesarA cursory look at this pay period’s payslip reminded me of how much this government is making out of MY hard earned pesos. Rough computations led me to conclude that in the two years that I had been working since we came back to Manila from Mindanao, I had given the government no less than a hundred and twenty thousand pesos.

Once upon a very long time, I would not have batted an eyelash on that. My son Maui was born at the Mactan Community Hospital where we paid a mere P500 pesos for the obstetrician and nothing for the bed in the ward. His elder brother Athelstan was brought to the hospital after a road mishap in a government ambulance whose drivers left so quietly we did not even have the chance to say thank you. Back then I really felt that our government was taking care of my family as voters of Cebu and citizens of the Philippines. But that was more than 15 years ago.

These days you really need to wonder where your taxes are going. This study made by the PCIJ, based on figures from 2005, tell you where the money made from the sweat of your brow goes.

Looking at these figures I am not surprised at how certain congressmen can walk into an expensive designer store at the Powerplant Mall, and come away with a pair of shoes worth PHP 25,000. These cash disbursements allow them their junkets and their imported vehicles and their dalliances on the side.

The sad thing about it is the taxpayer doesn’t have a say about where his taxes should go. I want my taxes to go to providing clean water and working toilets for the war evacuees in Basilan. But I see no congressmen putting up any effort in that area, not even the congressmen who have been elected by the people of Basilan.

Another beneficiary of 15% of my hard-earned pay is the man I love to hate, Bayani Fernando. My taxes have gone into the U-Turn slots along the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila that appear to cause at least 3 accidents a day.

Things like these really make tax evasion worth thinking about. But then again, only the genuinely rich can get away with that.

The things which are Caesar’s

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One thought on “The things which are Caesar’s

  1. oh, there are many things that are beginning to surface that you will really love to hate BF!

    and it is very true that only the genuinely rich can get away with tax evasion. isnt it life (in the Philippines, particularly) a paradox?

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