Quite a few search results for the name “Armando Kapauan” have led people to this blog, but they did not find the information they were looking for.

That is because his name is not Armando, but Amando. Amando Fajardo Kapauan, Ph.D. He was the second son of Amando Kapauan Sr. who passed away in his dotage in 1974. Amando Kapauan Sr. was my grandfather. Amando F. Kapauan, Ph.D. was my father Oscar’s older brother.

If you have reached this page looking for my uncle, let me point you towards a couple of other pages that might help you.

If you click HERE you will be taken to the Ateneo de Manila website, to a page that contains Tito Ding’s photo, and an article about Amando F. Kapauan Ph.D. written by Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng, PhD. The first time I read it I realized that I didn’t know my uncle at all, but I had this article to thank because it allowed me to realize what a fine man my uncle was.

There is also a page in Wikipedia about Amando F. Kapauan, Ph.D. You can click here to go there.

If you click HERE, you will be taken to Google’s search results — the right ones, if you are looking for Amando F. Kapauan, Ph.D.

A.Q., Dodi, Hilda, Vivian — I hope this entry helps people find out about your father’s work and let them know what they can do to continue it.

Amando F. Kapauan, Ph.D.

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5 thoughts on “Amando F. Kapauan, Ph.D.

  1. Profiles in Wikipedia has got me curious… can you simply enter your bio there and depending on how credible it looks, it will not be deleted? Just one of the questions bugging me..

  2. Hi wats0n, I just figured it out. For an an article about a person in WikiPedia to be legit, that person must have won a reknowned international prize. In our case I think the Ramon Magsaysay would be OK 🙂 And since the Palanca Awards are also on the wiki having won that entitles one to a page of his/her own. Tough luck for me in that regard, as I have never won (joined once 20 years ago and that was it). I wonder why your competitor’s page was not deleted while yours was … for chismis chuvaness can you email me your competitor’s company name? Email me yours as well, and let’s check the seo-ness of both. No charge 😀

  3. Hi Bambit. Thanks for including this entry in your blog about Dad. I put his write-up in Wikipedia a couple of years hoping it wouldn’t be deleted 🙂 and so far it’s still there and shows pretty high up in a Google search for “kapauan”. Only my son’s site (nik.scionik.com) is higher – I guess because of all his friends “hits”. Hope all goes well. Dodi

  4. thank you po..but I am looking for sir Amando Kapauan’s photos/pictures…at hindi po ako makahanap..please help by sending me the links ..thank you po 😉

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