My friend, kumare and office mate Chu related on this blog her experience with Sun Cellular Customer Care, which we have updated as the days went by to keep tabs on the incident.

In this post I give way to Chu herself.

At around 4:30pm today, a certain Mayette Paguia from the Sun Cellular Call Center called me confirming that my payment last Dec 19, 2006 amounting to Php 1,600.92 has been posted already. (Finally!)

I asked her what had happened, and although she could not say in detail she nevertheless mentioned an internal system failure between the bank and Sun Cellular. She apologized in behalf of Sun Cellular for what happened.

I mentioned to her that I am requesting for an updated billing statement—whether in another billing statement or even a letter stating the bill I have to settle as I will be terminating my line effective February 1, 2007.

She asked me if it is final that I will have my line cut and I said “Yes”. I lost my trust and confidence to their company. Damage has been done. I have had enough of this.

And since I need to settle the entire amount prior to the termination, I told her that the ball is in their hand. If there will be more delays, definitely my line will still be active. Of course, I refuse to pay for the days that my line had been inactive due to their negligence.

I reiterated the following dates:

Dec 14, 2006 – my line was cut
Dec 19, 2006 – I made full payment
Jan 20, 2006 – my line was reconnected

I want them to give me a rebate for the the period of Dec 20, 2006 to Jan. 20, 2007.

Ms. Paguia said that she will be coordinating to the higher management regarding my concern.

Although she cannot directly answer my question “To whom or to what department are you going to coordinate about this?” she said she will try to call me on my mobile within the day to give me some feedback.

The night is young, it is only a little past 7pm as of this post. Expect more updates by tomorrow.


Go to Type Sun Cellular Customer Care in the search box.

Go to Type Sun Cellular Customer Care in the search box.

Sun Cellular Customer Care marketing department need only to wait a few weeks or months for the search engine effect to die down. They can counter it with marketing ploys online with a highly SEO’d site.

Or they can officially apologize to my friend in writing and sort things out from their end, even if this is indeed, an isolated case. If Sun Cellular Customer Care cannot handle ONE isolated case, what if more of the same happens?

Incidents like this happen. With other cellular networks. With other service providers.

It is in the handling of such incidents that service providers should take the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of praise and patronage.

Chu speaks out on Sun Cellular Customer Care

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4 thoughts on “Chu speaks out on Sun Cellular Customer Care

  1. i’ve had my moments with sun cellular in the past. they really need to revisit their customer service management skills.

  2. Well I just had mine a few minutes ago. I had my extension line terminated last month as I have reached the end of my 24-month contract. I was asking if I can terminate the line last Jan 12 as the next cutoff period starts on the 13th. They said I cannot. Termination should be done on the 13th as this is the cutoff date they said. I asked them if I won’t be charged as 13th is the date when I am being charged for the extension plan. So I did sign the termination paper on Jan 13. Upon receiving my Jan 21st billing statement, I was shocked to see that I was still billed for the Jan13-Feb12 cutoff period for that extension plan which I had terminated last Jan13. Called up customer service and I was really frustrated that they cannot even explain to me how did that happen. Different instructions were given to me by different Sun Cellular customer reps and now they would just end up saying that the billing statement was wrong. They said the bill for the extension plan should be 24 months out of 24 (24/24) and not 25/24 which is what is indicated in my latest billing statement. How can they charge me again for another month of usage when I had terminated that line already 🙄

  3. i have a sun subscription with a credit limit of 1,500.. my kid is using it as it was an unli call and txt.. the bill eventually reached more or less 6,000.00 .. i was shocked to see the bill which obviuosly was delivered late.. I called and even went to their office to report it.. I was asking them , why they didnt disconnect the line as it reached its credit limit.. i was trying to negotiate to them that i will pay everything that is within the limit but they have to shoulder the rest since it is their system that fault. They told me that it is not their system fault since the system detected it but a bit later.. I told them, not just a bit later because for the next bill they still dont disconnect it that it reached that amount.. The customer rep is putting the blame on me as to why didnt i check my bill through phone.. i told him that it is because i thought that their system is reliable and since i have a credit limit then once i am disconnected then it means that the limit has been reached.. collecting officers are harrassing and always calling me for my payment.. and telling me that they will file a case in court against me..

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