My Desk at ImaginetI first sat at this desk on the 9th of August 1999. I left it in 2003 to follow my family’s dream to Mindanao. In 2005 I was back again, although in a different location downstairs, with the technical group. And mid-2006 I moved back up here again, on this same spot, heading the web design and development team.

The wall murals were painted in 2003, by the same local artists who did the walls at the Paco Park Hotel. Five of us share this room, you can barely see Belle and Gerald if you look close enough. You can’t see Chu, because her table’s right across Gerald’s, and you can’t see Mark because he’s taking the picture, and you can’t see me well, because you can’t.

But that’s my Batman tumbler to the left of the laptop (from the KFC Batman Begins promo). From that you can derive that I don’t really get out much. And to the right of the laptop, that’s my tasang makabayan on which the various revolutionary flags of the Philippines are painted, with descriptions of who made them and when. That’s my Ubuntu Toshiba laptop right there, and to the right of it is my ancient desktop pc (oi pero 2GB ang RAM nyan).

The rest are the mess I usually have on my desk to make people believe I’m busy. These days I actually am. I’m using the last few minutes before I pack up and go home to write this post, as I may be too busy to write over the weekend.

I have a shelf/table/closet behind me where Chu and I share storage and where Mark and I put our stuff like knapsacks and baon and other sundries.

We’re in one of three offices upstairs. We have the biggest room, since there’s five of us. Our boss and his right-hand “man” Abi share the second room, and Arlene is queen of the accounting office. Downstairs is Technical and Reception, and the pantry, our favorite place.

I’ve been here a total of six years. It’s my second home, and on some days in the past it actually was my home. The people in it are not just my co-workers, they’re my friends, and a couple of them are actually godmothers to Maia. It’s one of the places where I am comfortable being who and what I am.

Comfort Zone

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One thought on “Comfort Zone

  1. Back when I was still new to blogging, I’d display photos of whatever comes to mind, including my messy office desk. A couple of years later, new things have found their way on my desk, but it’s still messy. Visitors to my blog actually associated “messy” with me due to those photos.

    I can feel from this post that you love not just your work, but the environment as well. Lucky you. As for my work? It’s a roller coaster ride.

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