The weekend is a part of the week lasting one or two days in which most paid workers do not work. This is a time for leisure and recreation, and/or for religious activities.

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Maia & AmaIt’s been a while since I’ve really felt the weekend. For the past couple of months I’ve been either working on the weekend or catatonic from sheer exhaustion from the working days previous. This long weekend was different, though, with the Friday of Eid al Fitr. Though I was pretty much still catatonic on Friday, the rest day allowed me to be alert and adventurous on Saturday.

So the family finally went on that long-awaited trip… to the Luneta Park! Kuya Maui was on a leadership seminar (as one of the representatives for Olivarez High School) at the Ateneo High School, so he didn’t get to go, but Ate Beng was with us (and as a result is in most of the pictures 🙂

Maia in the treehouseWe started from East to west, beginning with the Children’s Park at the corner of Taft Ave. and Kalaw. We walked leisurely from the Relief Map of the Philippines and in through all the gardens, The Japanese Garden, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion, The Chinese Garden and the diorama of Rizal’s life and execution. Digital camera had two sets of batteries (quick advice: the Panasonic Oxyride double A batteries last longer than the Eveready Alkaline e and is cheaper by almost 10 pesos) and so we took as many pictures as we could (there’s no telling when Mayor Lim might think of applying his business acumen on the park — good thing I took pictures of Baywalk when Sam and I were there two years ago).

at the OrchidariumMaia enjoyed the children’s park best, she would have stayed there the entire day if we had let her. But there was so much to see and do. By the time we had crossed over to the twin tamaraws Maia had turned her attention on the ambient vendors with the inflatable power rangers. Of course we had to get her one. We wanted to end the day watching the sun set at the Boardwalk, but we found that it had been closed to public access while a massive construction was being undertaken.

Maia & the Firing SquadWe had drinks at one of the old harbor restaurants, a stone’s throw away from the US Embassy’s bay side. After which we decided to cut the day short early in the afternoon and take a taxi home. I enjoyed every bit of the day perhaps almost as much as Maia did, and perhaps the next trip out we can be more adventurous and head out to Corregidor.

But that’s for another weekend.

More pictures of Maia’s Luneta jaunt here.

Feeling the Weekend

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4 thoughts on “Feeling the Weekend

  1. Ate Bambit!

    Would you believe i have never been to Luneta?
    Totoo, i even asked my now just now and she even couldnt not remember if ive been to Luneta? Though my ate said she had been there pero wala pud siya kahinumdum kung kauban ko niya niadto didto.

    I guess thats one place ill go before i die next to Banawe Rice Terraces.

    Hello Maia!

  2. Hi Ate Bambit!
    Wow, Luneta! Dugay na kaayo wa ko kaadto sa Luneta. Looks like you all had a great time. Daku na si Maia 🙂

  3. bingskee, that’s the great thing about the Luneta these days, the grounds are so clean, nary a stray animal in sight, except for the cats at the umbrella tables beside the replica of the Rizal Calamba house.

    ZJ, you may be disappointed then, as the Luneta as you might have known as a child is no longer there, except for the relief map of the Philippines along Taft Avenue. The flower clock is no longer there, and neither is the skating rink with the globe and the fountain.

    Inday Ayeza, angay ug matarong ra nga manuroy tag Luneta next time you’re here!

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