Ever since the recent spam comment hits Sam and I have been taking, I’d been looking around for captcha protection that works for wordpress. I tried out a few lemons, but this one is a juicy apple.

Try out Peter’s Random Anti-Spam, which took me only three steps to put in place:

1. download from Peter’s site
2. upload to my plugins folder
3. activate from my wordpress plugin page.

The niftiest thing is that it generates several font faces and colors too. If the current code is a bit unreadable to your eyes you can just click on the captcha image to get a new one. See how it works by posting a comment on this blog.

Thanks bunches, Peter!

Hit and run no more

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2 thoughts on “Hit and run no more

  1. Hi Bambit! It’s been a while. Nice new layout! Long vacation! Yipee! Last day of vacation! huhu! We went trekking at San Juan Batangas last Saturday and Sunday and now I’m aching all over. Will post about the adventure soon.

    Pasyal muna ako sa ibang posts mo.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the mention. Try the newest version: 0.2.0 — it has a feature where visually impaired users can click to hear an audio file of the anti-spam word.

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