I first started blogging under the guise of SevenOfNine, influenced by the caterpillar late in 2004. Back then I wasn’t so sure if it was “safe” to blog under one’s true identity. But then I realized that if one were to put forward one’s own opinions, the opinions may hold more water if they were issued from a known source.

So I started blogging as me by the end of 2004. I had my space in blogger, which gave way to wordpress and our own domain, kusangpalo.com. I was once hosted with Ploghost but have moved to Bayanhosting where I have been sitting comfortably for the past two years.

Although I may alternately rant and rave about people, things and situations, I usually try to get both sides of the story, to the point of pointing a finger at myself for hasty comments I may have made even in private. So when I posted this “comparison by experience” between Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and MMDA Chief Bayani Fernando I thought that I had provided enough information, pro and con, for both.

So it is sad when I realize that there are people who comment in haste without properly reading what has been presented.

On these hectic days, I reply to comments on my blog via email, as I get to read my mail more often than I can look at my blog. I usually reply to hasty comments via email to avoid a word war on this blog. However I can only do that if the commenter puts in a valid email address. The people who do comment on my blog know that I do reply — sometimes very much delayed but I do. If my reply bounces for some reason, that’s when I post my reply on the blog.

In a curious occasion of life imitating blog, Sam and I were in a cab earlier this evening, on the way home from Mega Mall. I was telling him again about my run-in with Mr. Fernando, since it was still so vivid in my mind. I recounted this story while we were cruising on EDSA heading south. We then spoke of other things as we passed through the Magallanes area, on to the left going up the Tramo flyover, straight ahead and then left on Nichols road, then the quick but tricky left on the improvised rotonda at the intersection of Nichols and Domestic Roads. When were were nearing the intersection of Domestic and MIA Roads, some vehicles behind us cut in to the left, driving on the opposite lane towards the traffic light ahead, an ill-conceived practice that leads to further traffic on the left turn when the light turns green. At this moment, our driver who had been silent all throughout the trip began to speak.

He said “Iyang pag o-overtake sa kaliwa, mali yan kasi counterflow na yan. Lalo tuloy nagkakaron ng traffic. Yan na ang sinasabi ni Chairman BF na dapat iwasan.”

I smiled and said to him, “Maka BF ho pala kayo.”

“Oo,” he said.

I said, “Ok lang ho yun, kanya kanya naman tayo ng opinion, lalo na kung nakasalamuha na natin yung taong pinaguusapan natin.”

He was silent after that, even after he had let us off by the gate to our house. I suppose he felt he had to stand up for his hero, and I respect him for that. BF is lucky to have such a follower.


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4 thoughts on “Identity

  1. i am a firm bf supporter, and you know that about me ate bambit. In my book, Bf has done a great job.

    However, if i were going to be truly objective about bf, there are things that I do not agree with him.

    I am anti-political dynasty… BF’s wife is about to serve her second term as marikina mayor… the fernandos’ have done a lot for the city of marikina, that may or may not be an exception, but political dynasties have rigged the Philippine democratic system to a point of paralysis.

    yun lang po. 😀

  2. Hi there mell, took me a while to answer because I had to get my facts first. The links below will tell the story. These are the actions of a man who preaches what he calls “urbanidad” and discipline.

    Down with streamers, court tells MMDA anew

    MMDA admits splashing paint on illegal EDSA posters

    Firm sues MMDA chief Fernando over wet-paint drive

    MMDA continues paint-splashing campaign vs illegal billboards

    Yet when the first “wet paint rag vandals” incident happened, the MMDA vowed it would help find out who the perpetrators are. Talk about finding one’s self.

    He bans these posters because they get in the way of traffic? They aren’t even on the roads, but on the MRT line and MRT property for that matter. The Bachelorgirl has a good picture and post on her blog about this as well, where she muses, “Now, one wonders whether this MMDA ordinance banning any commercial advertisements on public roads existed before the Wet Paint Rag Vandals Fracas or came into existence because of it.”

    Now that it has been proven that the MMDA—with the explicit orders of BF himself—are the vandals, the answer is not difficult to figure out.

    What would be interesting is to compare the number of accidents that have occurred because of these banners (on the MRT tracks) with the number of accidents that have been caused by the MMDA’s ill-lighted road barriers and dividers along EDSA, Ayala Avenue and other main thoroughfares in Metro Manila. Compare the number of injuries and deaths caused by these 3*9 ft. banners to the huge billboards that slammed onto vehicles and instantly killed its occupants during the height of typhoon Milenyo.

    This is typically MMDA/BF, he who told his hit-and-run sidewalk clearing teams to seize the wares of small scattered sidewalk vendors in Guadalupe Viejo, but left the side streets of Guadalupe Nuevo around the ABC Mall almost impassable to both human and vehicular traffic for much the same reason. It may also be interesting to note that the ABC Mall area is a mere 2 blocks away from the MMDA Building in Orense where BF holds office.

    In the videos I link to above you hear him saying he is only doing his job, and so are his men. If his job is running after small fry and being consistent in his inconsistencies, then he is indeed doing a good job.

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