While I was camped out by Maia’s PC installing Ubuntu (and having a rather difficult time doing so on this Tiny PC from my Aunt in Seattle) I was surfing for tips on how to install Ubuntu on a really old PC. One of the sites I found was Jessamyn’s Librarian.net, where she has a rollicking video of herself installing Ubuntu on two PC’s donated to the library. If that didn’t cheer me up, I have no idea what would.

Another link I found that may prove to be very useful (while still waiting for the icons to show up on the desktop after booting to the live CD) is 13 Applications to Install on Ubuntu Running on a Slow Computer.

As of late this evening I have had no success on installing Ubuntu on Maia’s circa win98 PC, but I am looking at Linux on a flashdisk to see if that will work. Maia’s PC can boot from USB, so it just might. Will update as soon as I get results.

June 12: 1:15am. Have just finished creating an Ubuntu installer on a Kingston DataTraveller 1GB flashdrive. I followed the steps on this guide on Pendrive Linux to the letter, and in case you’d like to do the same but only have one computer and can’t read the guide and make your flashdrive installer at the same time, here is the tutorial in text format.

Ubuntu on Flashdisk Tutorial

Of course since everyone’s asleep I can’t pop open Maia’s PC to see if this really works, so will update again when I do.

Installing Ubuntu = Fun!

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