One of the wonderful things I discovered this weekend in this life as a computer slave is Limewire for Ubuntu. Apparently this has been out since May of this year according to the Limewire Blog. Until today I had been downloading music files through KTorrent, which was fine, but when I wanted only a selection from the entire albums available for download, I had to pick and deselect from the torrent list before I could get my one file. That’s why I would choose Limewire over KTorrent for downloading music.

Limewire Splash Screen Downloading and installing Limewire for Ubuntu is quite easy. You can follow the steps that begin on the Limewire Download page until it leads you to the screen where it asks you which version you’d like to download. If you are on Ubuntu, choose the Linux (DEB – Ubuntu, Debian) package and save it inside your Home Folder. I have a subfolder called Installers where I save — you guessed it — installer files, so that’s where I saved LimeWireLinux.deb. The file is just under 6MB in size.

Limewire ScreenWhen the download was complete, I went to my Installers folder and right-clicked on LimeWireLinux.deb and chose “Open with GDebi Package Installer” from the fly-out menu. I’m not scared of Terminal and I do dutifully copy and paste commands from the forums I learn stuff from, but when I can have Ubuntu do the job for me, I do. The Package Installer window opened and I clicked on the button that said Install Package and in a couple of minutes I had a working Limewire installation.

Limewire for Ubuntu!

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