Out with the old, in with the new Change of template again, as you may have noticed. This one is called Artificial Intelligence — which may translate as “Kunwari Matalino” (trans. Pretending to be intelligent) in Tagalog. I like the way it spreads out and its pastel blue shades. It’s kinda white and stark, but if I put in a picture or two with every post it will be ok. I also rediscovered the code that allows me to post flicker photos in two columns of squares. Anyone who wants the code can email me and I’ll give you the code and instructions on how to put it on your wordpress blog. I did not write the plugin myself, but since I don’t remember where I got it, passing it on is the best way I can thank the author. I think I’ll keep this template for a while, until I find something radically new and change over to that.

New stuff I discovered this weekend. I can download subtitles to the movies that I download from the Internet. I didn’t know that until I found OpenSubtitles.org, where subtitles in different languages to almost any movie available on the Internet can be found. As for downloading movies, here’s a little hint I got from an old artist friend (I will not name the friend to avoid possible repercussions from the powers that be) but if you go to thepiratebay.org and look for a user called aXXo you will be able to download via torrent some of the best quality movies on the net. If by chance they don’t have subtitles you can go to opensubtitles.org and look for them there.

I don’t know if Windows Media Player supports subtitles, but on my Ubuntu machine I run Kaffeine for watching videos, and it’s got a drop down box at the bottom that allows me to select a subtitle file to run along with the movie.

Some of the goodies I’ve downloaded this week are The Painted Veil, The Illusionist (both star Edward Norton, who as he matures is starting to bear an uncanny resemblance to Robert deNiro). Last week I was into Christian Bale—Harsh Times, The Prestige, and The Machinist. Before that I downloaded two Clive Owen starrers, The Inside Man and Children of Man, the latter of which was a revelation.

Bring on the popcorn.


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