Bambit at the office

This is me at my table at the office. The Samsung dual flat screens arrived last week, and the tower is an Intel Duo Core, 1.49GB RAM with a 150GB hard disk drive. I think the only sad thing about it is it runs on Windoze.

I had long been dropping hints about the flat screens for about six months now, ever since reception got them, and admin and accounting. There were two of us in web development and we still had our huge clunky but ever reliable Viewsonics and Pentium 4 clones.

Two weeks ago my assistant Mark expressed his desire to work with a bunch of Australian web developers in Ortigas, after a year’s tour of duty with Imaginet. Greener grass. Who wouldn’t want greener grass, but then again I’m not a goat. After I told my boss about Mark’s plans, I also told him of my tentative plans to be purely telecommuting by the end of 2007. Right after I said that, he ordered the dual screens.

It’s probably why I haven’t budged from this seat other than to have a baby and go to Mindanao. People go out their way to try to accommodate everyone, and other people respond in kind. The ones who don’t respond in kind never really fit in, in the first place. I like it here. Despite the mornings when I open my mail and find 50 new ones that need to be either answered, acknowledged, filed, deleted, cursed etc. The only thing that can make me leave is the opportunity to work at home for the same pay.

I’m working on that.

Mommy at the office

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3 thoughts on “Mommy at the office

  1. Which is better? Dual monitors or a large monitor? I am thinking of buying a 22″ LCD but my friends told me it is better to have two monitors instead.

  2. Hi Greg,

    I think you’re better off with the single 22″ LCD — one thing I’ve noticed since I got these new screens was that my eyes were doubly tired (no joke) at the end of the day.

    A 26-inch LCD would be grand, don’t you think?


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