Mommy’s Other Office

On days when I wake up with a migraine or just dizzy from a night’s good overtime (or a bad downloaded movie take your pick) I have the option of working from home. I send an email to the office telling them I will be online on Skype the whole day if they have any pressing questions. Plus I have access to my office email and can send and receive just as if I were physically in the office. Before I got the new computer (see post immediately preceding) I had VPN access and VNC to my computer—my assistant Mark (who has now moved on to Australian masters) used to get a kick out of telling other people in the office that there was a ghost in my computer, as I moved the mouse and opened and closed documents by remote control.

Today was one of those days. Today I was also helping out Sam with the redesigning of the site so I setup my Ubuntu Laptop right beside his desk. Not to be outdone, Maia setup her her “computer” (some toy I bought from a store two years ago, which of course does not work anymore) on the bare space between her father’s and my computers.

And this is how we “work in the office”.

Mommy’s Other Office

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