Now that it’s almost Christmas we office grunts are impatiently awaiting the 13th month pay the company so conveniently schedules to give in December so we can pretend it’s Christmas Bonus just like everyone else. We await the time when our FD deigns to assay his John Hancock on the cheque which our man of all seasons Roks will take to the bank and, after some light banter with his favorite cashier, will break the news to the rest of us that yes, we now have enough funds with which to buy our Xchange gifts.

Now that it’s almost Christmas the racketeers are out on the streets in force, employing every imaginable way that one can swindle the next guy out of his hard-earned (sometimes not necessarily though) cash.

Now that it’s almost Christmas I have to allow funds for fixing the house, sending Ate Beng home for the holidays and bringing her back, gifts for each member of the family, holiday goodies for our Noche Buena table from The Works (Hi Sheila!), and something for me (why am I always last on the list?).

Now that it’s almost Christmas I have holiday ditties pounding on my ears relentlessly, as if I could forget that it is that season when the milk and honey of remittances from OFW’s pour in from lands far away, pumping the peso up, bringing the dollar down (but do we really feel it when a 250gm piece of ampalaya costs PHP 40 at the talipapa and everything else is on the rise as well, gasoline, lpg, commodities, not to mention my eyebrows).

Now that it’s almost Christmas I have managed, late last week, to acquire that prized possession that in December causes hundreds of coffee drinkers to imbibe more than the usual cup or five a day—the Starbucks Planner.

The 2008 Starbucks Planner

Happy holidays, everyone!

Now that it’s almost Christmas, etc.

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